My Greatest Moments in my carrer

Master class - Concerts - Conferences

Mozart with style of Van de Velde

  • 8:00pm 06 july 2017
  • Republic Theatrer, Querétaro, México

The Overture of the Fígaro Weddings, after interpreting Geoges Bizet with the Arlesiana Suite and closing with Franz Liszt Mazeppa Symphonic Poem, with a great closing in the second season of the OFEQ.


Concert Tchaikovsky: Belgium vs Poland

  • 8:00pm 15th march 2018
  • Metropolitano Theatrer, Querétaro, México

A meeting between two performers of the Violin, two European nations in one place, Van de Velde as concert conductor for Violin by Piotr Illich Tchaikovsky and the Polish violinist Erika Dobosiewicz playing the Russian composer Tchaikovsky, both receiving applause from the Queretan audience


Special guest from Belgium

  • 8:00pm 16th 2019
  • Rosalio Solano Theatrer, Querétaro, México

Special guest at the Conference of Thousand Minds for Mexico, with the experience like Director of Orchestra explain his begin in the music and his all carrer like musician and Conductor.


Received the Sol de Oro Award 2018

  • 8:00pm 19 aphril 2018
  • México City, México

After a long career like Conductor and Manager, Bartholomeus he received for his career as conductor and commitment works with Orchestras in Mexico, categorized like the charismatic Director, and great Conductor, Bartholomeus-Henri Van de Velde his everytime acclaimed and applauded for the mexican public.


Concert In Serbia

  • 24 may 2018
  • Serbia

Concert conducting in Serbia with the Violinist Soloist Tatiana Samouil & Justus Grimm playing the Orchestra Symphony of Voivodina, The program of the compositions of Brahms and Elgar apparently corresponded to the sensibility of guest conductor Bartholomeus-Henri Van de Velde from Belgium, Van de Velde returned again as Director in the Serbian country, acclaimed and applauded for the public serbian.


Great Interview in Cyprus

  • 18 sept 2018
  • Cyprus

Bartholomeus-Henri VAN de VELDE interview by Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation/RikClassic, Van de Velde tells about his career and all his concerts like conductor of Orchestras in arround the world, part of Bartholomeus-Henri Van de Velde as Director of Orchestra their experience as guested in Mexico to conducting in different Orchestras Symphonies explain his incredible work.


Oldies Symphonic 60s 70s & 80s

  • 8:00pm 09 Nov 2018
  • Metropolitano Theatrer, Querétaro, Mexico

The great concert of the Filármonica de Querétaro and the conductor Bartholomeus-Henri Van de Velde as the principal manager of the great concert with the Rock Band Britannia, playing popular songs of 60s,70s & 80s, then remembering the oldies songs pops the queretana public singing The Doors, Elvis Prestley, The Beatles, ABBA,Donna Summer, Kansas, Bee Gees, Queen and Dianna Ross making dancing the public with Let´s Dance.


unforgettable  symphonic oldies

  • 8:00pm 10 nov 2018
  • Metropolitano Theatrer, Querétaro, Mexico

Unforgettable Concert Oldies Symphonic in the Metropolitano Theatrer of the Congress Center of Querétaro, with the best atmosphere, a public committed to the Director Bartholomeus and the music of the memory and reunion with the beautiful melodies of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, being Bartholomeus-Henri Van de Velde the charismatic Conductor of the night with the most beautiful music of the Oldies times.


Bruckner in the heart of Van de Velde

  • 8:00pm 15 nov 2018
  • Metropolitano Theatrer, Querétaro, Mexico

Concert of Anton Bruckner, playing to music of the Australian composer unknowable Barry McKIMM, like a unforgatable music, with Inspiration, Imagination and fantasy of music as Austrian musician Anton Bruckner as important composer with a faboulous conducting of Bartholomeus-Henri Van de Velde in the Metropolitano Theatre with greatful public acclaiming to the Director Invited Van de Velde in Querétaro city.


Masterclass Managing with Van de Velde

  • 4 march 2019
  • Mexico

Bartholomeus Henri Van de Velde managing interpretation in the Musical Institute Jose Guadalupe Velazquez his Masterclass Interpretation with a selected group musician students of the Bachelor grade in Music, in the public observed to Directors of the Musicals Institudes of Guanuajuato and Queretaro


Concert Noble, with Van de Velde

  • 25 april 2019
  • Bruxells, Belgium

CONCERT at : Concert Noble, Brussels Belg., Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with Opera Arias, the principal singer Charlotte Wajnberg, laureate and public and classical radio prize International Queen Elisabeth Competition 2018, Ensemble Bartholomeus Henri Van de Velde for this special event with great musicians !


Van de Velde Guest in 1000 Minds of Mexico

  • 5 march 2019
  • Querétaro, Mexico

Bartholomeus Henri Van de Velde invited to be forming part of the conference 1000 Minds of Mexico to explain his carrer and the prix recieved last year 2018 in Mexico like the Prix Sol de Oro and his experience like Director of Orchestras the performance aply in every concert Van de Velde managing


Mexicans in RED Conference

"Entrepreneurship in ART" 

  •  13-14 june 2019
  • Querétaro, Mex

He held a conference regarding entrepreneurship in art based on classical music, and his experience as a coach, Director and Manager


Master Class in Conservatory of Music in Celaya

  • 17 et 18 june 2019
  • Mexico

Van de Velde presented his Masterclass in front of the music students of the Celaya Conservatory of Music, with the theme of "Fundamentals of Orchestral Direction".


Van de Velde invited at Lauderia School INBA

  • 19 june 2019
  • LAUDERIA SCHOOL INBA, Querétaro, Mexico

Van de Velde was invited by the Violin Making School of INBA in Queretaro, being the important school in Luthería in Latin America, and the first in mexico.